During the year 1995 Lior & Shay discovered their common interest in electronic music.

Step by step they developed their own unique and original style of sound that we are all familiar with.

The debut album “Dejavoodoo”, released on U.S.T.A – Underground Sound of Tel Aviv (A.k.a. Krembo Records) in February 2002 received great reviews, for instance saying “they successfully combine European sound, tolerance and Israeli sweeping energies with a blend of progressive trance and tech trance at its best quality”.

The impact of the album dragged worldwide recognition and they quickly built up a big fan base, as well as recognition of being pioneers of the Israeli progressive scene.

Their 2nd album “Free Fall” was released on Compact Records in March 2005 and was defined as an even bigger success than the first one.

This original creation ranked Lish as one of the leaders in the global progressive trance scene, and the album was by many considered as one of the best progressive psytrance albums that year.

The success of this album was further proven at dance floors in clubs and at festivals across the world, such as: Boom Festival (Portugal), Tshitraka Festival & Indian Spirit (Germany), Soulclipse (Turkey), S.O.S Festival (Japan), Ageha Club (Japan), Solar Vision Festival (Mexico), Universo Parallelo (Brazil), Xxxperience (Brazil), Tribe (Brazil), Pacha (Brazil), Earthcore Festival (Australia) to just name a few.

Lish has over the years collaborated with several producers. Most memorable is probably the collaboration with Ace Ventura for his debut  album hit “The Light” as well as the Yotopia-collaboration “Intoxicated” and “Concrete Jungle” with Michele Adamson. Furthermore remixes and collaborations have been made for and with artists like FREq, Vibrasphere, Thomas Penton, Alter Breed, Weekend Heroes, Ticon, Magitman, Liquid Soul, Johnson & Haske, Flippers and Karl Johan on top labels like Iboga Records, Plastik Park, Flow, Echoes, Tribal Vision, Blue Tunes, Spin Twist, Aleph Zero, Stereo Seven Plus, and many more.

One of Lish’s biggest hits “Fresh” from their 2nd album was followed by a single “Fresh – Remixes – Single Malt” which featured 9 different remixes ranging from chillout through progressive and even full on.

These days their time is split between producing and touring the world. The result of over 5 years of work is marked with the finishing of their 3rd album “Miles Away”, which will be released on Iboga Records on the 22nd of February 2011.

On this album Lish has accomplish a range of different styles of music – combining styles like progressive house, tech house, progressive trance – all colored with the unique Lish style and sound.