Beat Bizarre

When the first Beat Bizarre vinyl is released in 1999, it turns the established paradigm of Psychedelic Trance upside down: Powerful and impelling, yet at a moderate tempo. Minimal and repetitive, yet everything but monotonous. Catchy and with a high recognition factor, yet without any prominent melodies or hook lines. Dark and mysterious, yet funky and uplifting. Back then, the sound of the Danish project is the epitome of a movement that has just begun: Progressive Trance.


The sound of Beat Bizarre is embraced by the scene with such great enthusiasm because it features an entirely new approach towards psychedelic dance music. Instead of using the ecstatic melodies of classic Trance productions, its hypnotic power evolves from booming basses and tight percussions, from subliminal rhythmic buildups, and from a multitude of grinding and jangling sounds that merge into a perfectly sleek groove. When this formula finds expression on the album “Lewd” in 2001 it doesn’t take long before Beat Bizarre are invited to play at all relevant parties and festivals around the world. Among many successful tracks the “Brain Drain RMX” gains probably the biggest popularity, a true milestone of the Progressive Trance genre.


Originally Beat Bizarre starts as a duo, but in 2005 it becomes the solo project of Martin Spanner Zimmermann. Some might also remember his monumental “Liquid Structure”, the opening track of 2001’s VuuV Experience festival which he produced under the name Martian. His successful albums “Muhkarv” (2012) and “Riot” (2013) take the typical sound of Beat Bizarre to a contemporary level without giving away its organic soul. Operating from a studio full of analogue hardware, Martin is eager for action as ever before – so it surely won’t get boring for all the Progressive Trance heads out there!