What happens when a mass of cold air meets a warm one? Arctic is the project of Gaudium and Ritmo, where they combine the Swedish freeze with the Israeli warmth.

Influenced by X-Dream, Delta and Spirallianz, among many others, they create an innovative sound, techno psy progressive, making it a little dark as well.

Andreas and Dubi met for the first time in 2012, and they clicked immediately, starting to collaborate in different tracks. “Revolution” and “Evolution” were the first, with many more to come.

Their first EP was released very short after by IBOGA, captivating everyone with their new pioneering sound, which includes two tracks.

They have two new tracks coming out soon in a new EP and another one in the newest Gaudium compilation.

Staying on the 135-138 BPMs, these guys seem to become only bigger and stronger, having already played in Brazil and Israel, and with confirmed future dates around the globe.